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Father Beck's Interview with Vanessa Williams

at the Sheen Center of  NYC

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"(We are) a forum to highlight the true, the good, and the beautiful as they have been expressed throughout the ages. . .


We are a a special project of the Archdiocese of New York, designed to inspire Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Whether through a play, a painting, a film, or a talk, we aim to give you a real shot in the arm that's profoundly human. . .


(We have) quickly become an oasis amidst Manhattan's crowded cultural landscape, an innately positive place where Fulton Sheen's mantra, 'Life is Worth Living,' is at the core of all our programming."


- Sheen Center for Thought and Culture

This September 9 at 7:30 pm within the Loreto Theatre, please consider attending Father Beck's interview with our very own Vanessa Williams.


We are thrilled to think our Catholic constellation includes these stars. 

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