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Dear Parishioner,


In his first letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul tells us thatall of you are Christ’s Body, and each  one is a part of it.” The Body of Christ is dependent on every member to do his or her part so that the Body can function properly.


I think that you will be pleased to learn that the concept introduction of the automated giving program at Saint John and Saint Mary’s is being welcomed with a positive response. I hope to communicate with every member of our parish so that we can all participate in this new and conscious way of giving. It works!


A reflective gift to Saint John and Saint Mary, one of thought and prayerful consideration, is more valuable than a reflexive offering, even if the latter, spontaneous, gift is larger. By thinking and carefully budgeting your support for the church, you make an ordinary contribution a spiritual reward.


Please support our stewardship effort and support our parish automated giving program, by filling out the enclosed form and dropping it in the collection basket at Mass this Sunday, or you can mail it to the rectory or you can enroll online by clicking the WeShare icon below.


I thank you for your sacrificial giving at Saint John and Saint Mary and I ask that you consider “We Share" as a way of commitment for our future.


Rev. Edward O'Halloran



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