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We're delighted you are interested in the Saint John and Saint Mary Parish family. For nearly 90 years, our beloved Catholic church has been building God's Kingdom in the community of Chappaqua, New York.

Today our caring, vibrant parish consists of 1,300 families from diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins, all sharing Catholic fellowship. The daily celebrations of the Mass, the evening prayer groups and religious education programs for our youth help build and strengthen our unity and faith in God, the Sacraments, the Gospels and the teachings of the Catholic Church.


The many family events of our active parish – potluck dinners, CYO Breakfasts, Christmas Fair and Spring Festival Fundraisers, Blessing of the Animals, numerous outreach programs – are forging lasting bonds among our parishioners and within the entire community, with one simple message: spread God's love and grace to everyone, especially those in need.


Our mission statement at Saint John and Saint Mary's says in part:


"We seek to deepen our personal union with Jesus Christ and to grow as a Faith Community. We seek to enrich our heritage of care and concern for all by sharing God's love and healing with the world around us. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we pledge ourselves to pursue this mission by participating in the liturgical, educational and social ministries of the church. We recognize that to be effective, these ministries require spiritual, physical and financial resources and we accept our responsibility as Christian stewards to provide them."


At Saint John and Saint Mary's, we make it a priority each week to come together in a communal gathering at the Parish Table of the Lord. The Eucharist is the center and source of our Catholic family, nourishing and renewing us, helping us in our journey to create God's Kingdom on earth by our caring for one another.

If you are already a member, we encourage you to deepen your commitment and spiritual ties at Saint John and Saint Mary's. If you are new to the Chappaqua area, or have been here for some time and feel your faith reawakening or renewing, we hope you will stop by for Mass, either at the Upper Church (30 Poillon Drive) or the Little Church (15 Saint John's Place).

You may also give us a call or email us for more information. It is overwhelming to face all that is going on in the world today, but God's message is as clear and profound as Time itself. Putting on Jesus Christ and embracing his message gives us the grace and peace to meet any challenge in our lives. We hope you will join us so we can welcome you into our community and get to know you. God bless.

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