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Congratulations! You are planning to get married. 


Contact the Parish Office at 914 238 3260 to confirm with both the Priest and office the date and time of your wedding. You may also email:

Fill out this form and return to our office in order to begin the registration process:

Please also consult these important guidelines to facilitate your wedding countdown:

Click to discover the Archdiocese of New York's Family Respect Guidelines:

Here at Saint John and Saint Mary's, marriage is a significant sacrament.

Click here to discover images of marriage ceremonies that have taken place in our majestic Upper Church and historic Little Chuch. You should be aware of the following regulations that we ask you to observe:

  1.  The latest time for a wedding is 3 PM on Saturday. There are no Nuptial Masses on Sunday.

  2.  If there is a scheduling change for wedding time or date, it must be confirmed by the priest and wedding  couple to the Parish  Office.

  3.  The couple must attend a Marriage Preparation Program (Pre-Cana) approved by the Archdiocese. 

  4.  Each person MUST obtain a New copy of their Baptismal Certificate. Copies more than six months old are  not accepted.

  5.  A record of Communion and Confirmation is to be obtained.

  6.  Written parental consent is needed for anyone under 21.