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Parish Council Constitution and By-Laws

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We, the clergy, religious and laity of the Church of Saint John and Saint Mary, in response to the Second Vatican Council hereby unite to form a Parish Council to further the mission of Christ among us all in a coordinated and unified manner, to unite ourselves into one community as members of the Body of Christ, to recognize and exercise our responsibilities and duties as members of this council of God.


Article I


The name of the organization shall be “The Parish Council of the Church of Saint John and Saint Mary of Chappaqua, New York.”


Article II


Section 2.01. The Parish Council shall assist the Pastor in the administration of the Parish by recommending to him courses of action concerning matters pertaining to the temporal and spiritual welfare of the Parish and to give the Parish an organized way of sharing in the teaching, sanctifying and governing of the people of God; and


Section 2.02. To provide a continuous and integrated study of the spiritual and temporal needs of the Parish, the community and the Archdiocese of New York; and after determining priorities to develop and implement programs aimed at meeting these needs; and


Section 2.03. To cooperate with and to effectively follow the guidelines and direction given by the Archbishop, Archdiocesan Commissions and other higher Church authority.


Article III


Authority and Powers

Section 3.01. The Parish Council shall exercise all those rights and powers and shall assume all the authority conferred upon it by the members of the Parish of St. John & St. Mary, and given to it by the Archbishop of New York and, where not inconsistent with such Church authority, by Federal, State and local law.

Section 3.02. The Parish Council shall have the power to:


A. Adopt By-Laws, consistent with the terms and provisions hereof;

B. Designate committees; prescribe the duties and functions of each; appoint a member of the Parish Council as chairperson and approve members of the Parish Council or Parish at large to serve on such committees.

C. Have access to Parish records, through properly designated officers, except where it is determined by the Pastor that privacy of personal matters must be safeguarded.

D. Have such other powers as are necessary and appropriate to effect the Purposes as set forth in Article II hereof.


Article IV


Section 4.01. Membership in the Parish Council shall be open to all Catholic members of registered families who have passed their eighteenth birthday, including clergy and religious assigned to the Parish.

Section 4.02. The Parish Council shall be composed of 12 - 15 persons. The membership shall consist of designated members and elected members.


A. The designated members shall be:


1. The Pastor;

2. The Assistant Pastor or a clergyman designated by the Pastor;

3. The Director of Religious Education Programs;

4. The Youth Minister;

5. The past President of the Women’s Association; and


B. There shall be  at least 6 members elected /appointed by the members of the Parish.


Article V

Term of Office

Section 5.01. The term of office for each elected member shall be for a period of two years.

Section 5.02. No person shall serve on the Parish Council for more than two consecutive terms. A person who has served on the Parish Council for two consecutive terms shall again become eligible for election to the Parish Council after a period of two years from the completion of his or her second consecutive term.


Section 5.03. The Parish Council has the right to dismiss or request the resignation of any elected member for failure to attend meetings, participate in Council activities or general disinterest in Council matters by a vote of