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Women's Association. . . Newcomers

The Women's Association of Saint John and Saint Mary 



Join us as we celebrate Service, Christ, and Community through: 

              Assistance to those in need (both in and beyond the parish)                                   Social events

              Fundraising                                                                                                                   Devotional trips  

As we undertake such meaningful missions, we forge lifelong friendships and derive support for our own families. (Children are welcome throughout our day functions.)

We recall how much there is to discover during the transitional period as a new parishioner and therefore invite you to review the following:


Kindly contact us in advance of the event you would like to attend so we may look forward to meeting you in person! 


As we pray for your tranquil transition to the region (should you have moved) and your joy-filled arrival within our parish (how thrilled we are you're here!), please do not hesitate to be in touch; we wish to extend our warmest welcome and offer our glad assistance.


Best regards from the Newcomers Committee,

                   Christina O’Callaghan (

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Please respond to our Newcomers Survey:

You may return your 2020- 2021 Annual Membership form to us at our next function or by mail:

Upper Church Stained Glass of Mary
Pulsing Pews at Confirmation Mass
Painting of Little Church
Fish Fry with Monsignor Gilleece
Catherine McKeon, Little Church
Statue of Mary, Upper Church
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