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Parish Finance Council

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Archbishop of New York, President                                                       Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan


Vicar General, Vice-President                                                                 Reverend Monsignor Gregory Mustaciuolo                                                                   

Pastor, Secretary-Treasurer                                                                     Reverend Edward O'Halloran                                                                   

Pastoral Associate                                                                                    Joan Corso Boutross                                                                                                

Trustee                                                                                                      Marty Daly












The Finance Council is there to assist and advise the pastor on the financial standing of the parish. The meetings are held twice a year, but additional meetings can be called by the pastor as needed. The Finance Council is made up of the following members; the Pastor, Pastoral Associate and two-three parishioners who are not currently serving on the Parish Council or act as a Parish Trustee.  The Council serves for a two-year term, but may not more than two consecutive terms. If you have any interest in serving on the council, please contact the parish office. 

The Parish Trustees will attend an annual meeting with the Pastor and if asked, members of the Finance Council to review the parish funds and assets.   Two Parish Trustees must be nominated by the Pastor and then Appointed by the Archbishop and the Vicar general. The trustees must be lay people and members of the parish. The Appointment is for one year. Trustees may serve up to three consecutive years. This is to ensure that our parish is in compliance with NY State Religious Corporation Law.

Under both Church and civil law, The Pastor of each parish acts as the Secretary-Treasurer of each "civil corporation" reporting to the Archbishop of New York on Finance matters. Each parish must have a Finance Council that meets at least once a year. The Pastor must appoint at least three respected and competent people to serve on the Finance Council. Appointed members advise the pastor on the exercise of proper stewardship over parish finances.

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