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"The Journey of the Lamb"


Jesus was on a journey. He journeyed from the son of a simple carpenter, to a teacher in the synagogues, and from processing into Jerusalem like a King to brutally dying on a cross like a criminal. Jesus’ earthly journey was filled with tragedy and triumph, much like yours and mine.


Jesus is a journey. Our decision to follow Jesus is a journey. From that energetic “yes” when you decide to be a follower of the King of Kings, to the doubt during rough times, when you wonder if He even knows or cares that you exist. From the pain of watching a loved one suffer to the joy of witnessing a newborn baby. All these events, and countless others, make up our journey of faith.


Journey of the Lamb is a journey of your heart, your mind and your faith.  It is a 10-Day Devotional that journeys you through the life of Jesus as he walked on this earth.  As you read the daily scriptures and personal testimonies and listen to the music picked out for each day, you will find yourself on a journey of faith...and the Lord will meet you there.

Together, you will start a journey as you begin to discover new things about yourself and about Him.   In your fear and in your doubt God is there and will be by your side in your journey to deliverance.


Remembering the family unit as it was in the past.

Reclaiming the importance of the family unit in the present.


Revitalizing the responsibilities of the family for the future. 

ReP FAMILY VISION is a Christian-based organization, founded by parishoner Allyson Harasimowicz, that creates resources to direct you and your family to actively take back the firm foundation of the strong family unit, so as to make a difference in our ever-changing, yet complacent world.


A forum curated by parishoner Lisa Dunleavey. Learn of events, activities, and other celebrations appropriate for the family in and around Westchester.

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Carnival Ride Summer Bible Camp


Inspired by the original lesson plans and extraordinary musical compositions of our very own Allyson Harasimowicz, "Carnival Ride Vacation Bible School" promises a fun-filled, action-packed week in celebration of God's Love! 

Profound concepts such as "God’s Love Is Powerful" and "God’s Love Never Ends" are presented by Marlin the Muscleman, Fred the Ferris Wheel Driver, and Carly the Carousel Horse. A metaphoric Ferris Wheel (implying the "ups and downs" of Life) whisks parish children through both meditation and discovery.


Bible Stories, crafts, games, and"hand-clappin' and foot stompin’ songs" define this experience as more than just "Tilt-a-Whirl terrific" and "Funnel Cake fabulous" but also as an exhilarating journey to reveling in our Roman Catholic Faith. 

So step right up, enter the enrollment queue, and consider ordering the ten-song music CD (eight original songs and two newly-arranged hymns!) which compliments this Catholic Carnival extravaganza. 


Listen to our very own Allyson Harasimowicz sing. Her angelic voice we treasure in our choir and on any other occasion we are lucky enough to hear her.

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"The Ride" from Carnival Ride Vacation Bible School - Allyson Harasimowicz
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