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                                                     Covid19 Procedures for Confession and  Masses

                                                                          Daily Mass, Monday - Friday is Celebrated at 8:30 AM 

                                                                              Confession: Saturday at 4:30 - 5PM - Sat. Vigil Mass: 5:15

                                                                                      Sunday Masses:  7:30 AM, 10 AM and 12 Noon 

                                                                                All Masses are Celebrated in the Upper Church        

                            Covid19 Parish Office Building Safety Precautions

                                           Anyone Entering The Upper Church Building Must Wear A Mask / Face Covering,                                                                   Sanitize Their Hands and Practice Social Distancing At All Times.

                                                                                          Thank You for Your Cooperation.

                                  Parish Office Hours

                               Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9AM - 4PM 

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The Last Supper, Da Vinci, 15th Century

"Master Be Still" from "Journey of the Lamb" Album - Written and Sung by Parishioner and Bible Study Head Allyson Harasimowicz
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Flocknotes NOW!!

Flocknotes NOW!!

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